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Swizzonic empowers your digital presence with reliable web and email products.

From an award-winning Sitebuilder to Managed WordPress, smooth web and mail performance or hybrid business solutions. We’ve got you covered.

  • TOOL Premium
  • WEB
  • HEX
  • Mail
  • TOOL Premium

    The latest Sitebuilder-Technology for a new generation of website design

    Whether it’s a professional business website, personal homepage or an online shop. Create a contemporary and responsive website in no time. The smart TOOL Editor makes it possible.

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    • SHOP

      With SHOP you can create a powerful online shop in a short amount of time. Your customers will be able to choose from an array of different payment methods, will be able to track their order and monitor the inventory.

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    • SHOP Pro

      SHOP Pro gives you the opportunity to take your online shop to the next level. Up to 2’500 products can be purchased by your customers with different means of payment. With a management application you always have your inventory under control and don’t have to deal with difficult tools.

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  • WEB

    We offer you sufficient storage space and high availability for your Internet presence.

    Included in the package are databases, differents languages script, data backup, statistical evaluations and many other things, reachable via a user-friendly administration panel in your user account.

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    • SECURE Standard

      Classic 256-bit certificate for use with SSL with over 99% of all traditional browser. This SSL certificate is issued for a specific DOMAIN or subdomain and can only be used for that one.

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    • SECURE Wildcard

      256-bit certificate for any number of subdomains of a DOMAIN. This certificate is compatible with over 99% of all conventional browsers. The certificate is issued for one DOMAIN and can be used with the DOMAIN and all its subdomains.

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  • HEX

    Professional email hosting with Hosted Exchange

    You can have access to your e-mail account, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes regardless of your location or device (e.g. smartphones, tablets, pcs) and you can also automatically synchronise them.

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    • HEX Light

      HEX Light is a product based on the Microsoft HEX platform with a mailbox space of 3GB.

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    • Zeichenfläche 1 Kopie 6

      Microsoft Outlook Lizenz

      Easily synchronize calendar entries with selected contacts. Share important information faster and keep all your colleagues informed.

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  • Mail

    The product MAIL provides you with sufficiently large mailboxes with high availability for your e-mail communication.

    The scope of services includes an antivirus and spam protection software, a considerable web-surface with every important email feature as well as any number of email accounts.

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    Secure your desired Internet address and manage your domain portfolio centrally in one place. We offer you real-time registration and administration of all your domains.

    We offer real-time registration and administration of all your DOMAINs. Our DOMAIN extensions are divided into the following categories: Country DOMAINs, Generic DOMAINs and New DOMAINs.

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    • LINK

      Forwarding your DOMAIN to a third-party web space or email server

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      Protection of privacy by ensuring that your personal DOMAIN data is not publicly accessible.

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    • SAFE

      Protection of your DOMAIN from deletion, name server modification and transfer.

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Professional hosting solutions for your business success and growth.

Amplify your ventures, ideas and teams with powerful hosting by Swizzonic. Our state-of-the-art products and technologies are the backbone for your success.

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Managed WordPress service that covers the technical part of your website.

Our hosted WordPress package PRESENCE Basic is ideal for anyone who is familiar with the CMS and wishes to maintain a state-of-the art WordPress presence. We enable a smooth and secured operation of your website by maintaining updates, daily backups or even the first installation of your theme.

CHF / p.a.348


Sophisticated E-Mail and Groupware solution for you or your entire enterprise.

A secure e-mail and comprehensive groupware solution with access to the latest versions of Microsoft Office applications. Establish and nourish a collaborative and productive work culture with this professional groupware. Including privileged data security through Swiss cloud location.


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