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switchplus ltd. – Your one-stop Internet presence

About switchplus

switchplus are experts for Internet presence and domain names. Their products are directed towards businesses and private people. switchplus offers solutions around web presence; from domain allocation to the complete Internet presence. On the knowledge database www.switchie.com, switchplus share all of their know-how with those who want to gain some more. The business was established in 2009 and is a subsidiary of the foundation SWITCH. From August 2017, switchplus will also consult their customers in their shop on Löwenstrasse in Zurich.

Convinced we can serve you well

If you really appreciate a fair price to performance ratio, personal support, fast reaction times and a high quality, then switchplus is precisely where you ought to be. Just give us a try!

Let us take the opportunity of banishing a particular prejudice once and for all. It’s just not true that “good quality is unaffordable”, and switchplus is setting out to prove the contrary for you. With us, you are going to have all the functions and performance that you are looking for, and these are going to be combined with optimum quality and the right service. How do we manage that? Quite simply through streamlined automation – switchplus does without unnecessary expenditure and ensures that it has lean structures in all its operations.

The SWITCH Foundation

Ever since its creation in 1987, SWITCH has been committed to building up and operating the Swiss education and research network. This guarantees the universities in Switzerland access to the internet and to the education and research networks worldwide. For more than twenty years, SWITCH has been the registry for domain names in Switzerland and Liechtenstein – since 2002 on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office of Communication (OFCOM). The Foundation does not pursue any commercial objectives.