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Procedure against DOMAIN abuse

You know of a Swizzonic Ltd. hosted website that has inappropriate or doubtful content or you would like to report a website that is spreading viruses and malware, or a site that supports hacking or cracking? You are receiving bugging emails that ask for personal information? A proxy contact is used to hide abuse? Or someone is abusing your copyright?

Please report these cases immediately.

You can use our contact form, selecting the subject “Report abuse and illegal content” and describe if you suspect the abuse of a DOMAIN.

Such cases will always be prioritised and responded to within 24h. Suspicious cases are analysed, revised and dealt with accordingly.

Contact details in case of Abuse/Infringement

Form:  Report Abuses
E-Mail:  abuse@swizzonic.com
Phone:  0848 69 69 69

Contact for Authorities – Law enforcement, quasi-governmental or other similar authorities

Form:  Report Abuses
E-Mail:  legal@swizzonic.com
Phone:  044 253 99 98