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We’ll help you find your desired domain

You couldn’t find your desired domain?
A suitable DOMAIN should be as close to the content of your website as possible. If this is the case, one of the expectations of your visitors is already fulfilled. It has also been proven that DOMAINs that match the content of the website achieve better search engine rankings.

We would be happy to make you several suggestions based on your information. You can then register them yourself or place an order for registration directly with us in reply to the e-mail.

We try to process inquiries within 48 hours. We develop proposals according to the following criteria:

  • As short and concise as possible and suitable for your target group
  • No umlauts. Domains with umlauts are technically extremely problematic when using e-mail. Domains with umlauts may be useful as an additional domain to a main domain.
  • The domain is free and immediately available. We cannot arrange registered DOMAINs for you.
  • According to your budget. Please keep in mind that different registries, especially for the new generic domains, offer short and appropriate premium domains at higher prices. If you would like to take advantage of such a domain, please select the field “CHF > 500.-“.

You will receive around five suggestions with different domain extensions.  The proposals are provided with the corresponding annual price including VAT. For premium domains there are special price plans which are not shown in our price list.