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Climate-neutral hosting

switchplus provides you with an eco-friendly website

Do you think that the internet and the environment don’t go well together? Then think again! The two complement each other really well. switchplus offers climate-neutral internet services, with which you can show to your visitors, that you are ecologically conscious!

We host your internet presence with a great sense of responsibility, paying special attention to ecological matters. The aim of climate-neutral hosting is to make a sustainable contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions and protect our environment. By purchasing emission-reduction certificates, switchplus compensates for any unavoidable CO2 emissions they might produce. That way we make sure, that the electricity we consume is offset by feeding the exact same amount of clean energy into the grid.

Show your sustainable use of resources with a logo on your website!

Let the visitors of your website know that you have selected an environmentally friendly provider! You can use the following logos on websites hosted by switchplus during the subscription period.

It would be great if you could send us an e-mail if you decide to publish the logo. Thank you!

You can use the following two logos:

Image size 300 x 75 PixelsImage size 200 x 50 Pixels