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The first new domain extensions can be registered in Switzerland – switchplus offers the registration of the first new TLD

The first new domain extensions are available from today on. Who wants to claim a domain, can convert his reservation, that has been made since November, in a registration request and might rather get the desired DOMAIN.

The first «new generic Top Level Domains» (new gTLD) can be registered in Switzerland from today on. Switchplus offers the registration of the following domain names with the ending .bike, .clothing, .guru, .holdings, .plumbing, .singles and .ventures. Customers had the possibility to reserve the desired domain names since November. Over 1’000 customers have taken advantage of this opportunity and placed almost 20’000 reservations and can now place as first their registration requests for the new domain extensions.

Constantly new releases for registration requests

The number of new domain extensions is large. The release for registration requests of new domain names happens permanently. In the coming months, five to ten new domain extensions will be released on a weekly basis.

switchplus supports for the registration of the desired domain

switchplus offers for specific registrations a unique service in Switzerland: If the customer shows his interest for a specific domain name by placeing a reservation request on the switchplus website, he will automatically be informed by switchplus when he can convert his non-binding reservation in a fix registration request. If he converts his reservation into a registration request, switchplus tries to register the domain name for the customer at the start of the public registration with an automated direct access. If the registration of the DOMAIN is successful, the fee for the subscription period of the first year will be charged. The customer will have no costs, if it was unsuccessful. The service of switchplus is free for all customers.

Where is more information regarding the new domain extensions

switchplus has published all the necessary information regarding this topic on www.switchie.ch.
The information is constantly updated. The customer that placed a reservation for a domain name with switchplus will directly be informed in his user account about the specific extension.

About us

switchplus ltd. is a 100% affiliated company of the foundation SWITCH, the official registry for .ch and .li domain names. switchplus is your partner for reliable and simple internet products – starting from the registration of domain names and hosting products as such WEB, MAIL, CMS and Hosted Exchange right through to suitable training courses. The customers obtain all these services from a single source. As a subsidiary of SWITCH, switchplus offers the expected necessary experience and competence.