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The new domain extensions come to Switzerland. switchplus offers reservations free of charge

Over 700 new domain extensions will be available in the next few years. As the first registrar in Switzerland switchplus offers now customers to reserve domain names with these new extensions free of charge. The customer will automatically be informed by switchplus, once the domain name can be registered.

The “new generic top level domains” (new gTLDs) have arrived in Switzerland. From now on you can reserve domain names with the new extensions at switchplus. Among them are prominent extensions such as .zuerich, .shop, .sport and lots more, which will provide new opportunities on the Internet.

Why are the new domain endings interesting

Primarily, they offer new advertising opportunities and support the better placement in the search engine The future search behaviour of internet users will possibly change: The user will for example rather visit the pages with the extension .zuerich, when he explicitly searches something in Zurich, or look for pages with the extension .kids when he is looking for a website concerning “children”.

What benefits does the customer have of a domain reservation with switchplus

Due to a huge number of new domain extensions, it is difficult to have an overview and always be up to date. when a new domain name can be registered. switchplus helps in that case with a unique service in Switzerland: the customer will be automatically informed by switchplus, if he shows his interest for a specific domain name through the reservation. The non-binding reservation can later be converted with only one click to a request for registration. If this conversion takes place, switchplus will afterwards try to register the domain name for the customer.

Where is more information regarding the new domain extensions

switchplus has published all the necessary information regarding this topic on www.switchie.ch.
The information is constantly updated. The customer that placed a reservation for a domain name with switchplus will directly be informed in his user account about the specific extension.

About us

switchplus ltd. is a 100% affiliated company of the foundation SWITCH, the official registry for .ch and .li domain names. switchplus is your partner for reliable and simple internet products – starting from the registration of domain names and hosting products as such WEB, MAIL, CMS and Hosted Exchange right through to suitable training courses. The customers obtain all these services from a single source. As a subsidiary of SWITCH, switchplus offers the expected necessary experience and competence.