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Affiliate program

Are you a web agency or are you administrating multiple websites and are looking for a way to reduce both time and cost when it comes to administration effort? switchplus will be able to help you: As a “technical administrator” you can fulfill all of the tasks that are necessary to create your customer’s internet presence, from one single account!

The system works as follows: Your customer will have to enter your user-ID as the technical administrator in his account. You will subsequently receive the following rights:

  • register or transfer DOMAINs to switchplus
  • administer name server entries
  • order or cancel WEB & MAIL
  • allocate hosting products to different DOMAINs
  • configure and administer WEB & MAIL
  • order or cancel CMS

All of these tasks can be performed using a simple and straight-forward user interface. And if there should be any concerns our customer service is happy to help you.


You can enjoy even more advantages if you are a switchplus affiliate, registered as a technical administrator and meet the following criteria concerning the amount of customers:

  • 10 customers who have ordered and paid WEB and/or MAIL

You will then automatically receive a compensation payment equal to 10% of the customers’ turnover. All administrative processes concerning the billing and customer service will remain with switchplus.

Our Swiss customers also like to have their website designed by a professional. That’s why we would like to build a vast network of partners that we can recommend our customers in need. We would also like to recommend you! We do not expect anything in return but we will be able to assess you from the customer feedback.

Please email us if you have any further questions regarding the affiliate program or if you want to join.


Telephone+41 (0)848 69 69 69
E-Mail info@switchplus.ch
Postal address switchplus ltd., Limmatquai 112, CH-8001 Zürich