DOMAIN - Register the DOMAIN of your choice

Over 500 DOMAIN endings

Secure your desired Internet address and manage your DOMAIN portfolio in one place only. We offer you real time registration and administration for all of your DOMAINs. Our offered DOMAIN endings are divided into the following categories:

Country DOMAINs

These endings are best suitable for websites, which primarily refer to visitors in the corresponding country/ region.

Generic DOMANs

Profit from a wide range of these world wide very popular endings.


Since 2014 new DOMAINs are being launched almost every week. You can find interesting endings in the areas of countries/cities/regions, business/industry/education, leisure/hobby/lifestyle and travel concepts/locomotion – naming just a small selection of categories. Check out our list of all offered DOMAIN endings (including prices). If your desired domain ending isn’t yet for sale, you can reserve the DOMAIN and we will inform you as soon as the DOMAIN is offered for sale.

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from CHF 1.30 monthly fee

from CHF 15.50 yearly fee, including VAT

WEB - Simple and reliable hosting

One product – many services included

We offer you sufficient storage space and high availability for your Internet presence. Included in the package are databases, differents languages script, data backup, statistical evaluations and many other things, reachable via a user-friendly administration panel in your user account.

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CHF 8.25 monthly fee

CHF 99.- yearly fee, including VAT

TOOL Premium - The easy way to get a professional website

In our TOOL Premium, which has received multiple awards, you will find a variety of attractive design templates that can be adapted individually. The TOOL Premium – many functionalities, support in your language and appealing design included.

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CHF 8.25 monthly fee

CHF 99.- yearly fee, including VAT

HEX - Professional email hosting with Hosted Exchange

HEX – the "classic"

CHF 180.- for 25GB per year per mailbox.
With the switchplus Hosted Exchange (HEX) you can have access to your e-mail account, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes regardless of your location or device (e.g. smartphones, tablets, pcs) and you can also automatically synchronise them. HEX offers your every functionality that Microsoft Outlook would, but without having to host your own exchange server. Additionally you can order an Outlook licence.

HEXlight – the "light" HEX, low priced product as an addition to your HEX product

CHF 60.- for 3GB per year per mailbox.
HEXlight is a product based on the Microsoft HEX platform with a mailbox space of 3GB. HEXlight is different to HEX in terms of mailbox size and the lack of the synchronising function and sharing of your address book and calendar.

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CHF 15.- / CHF 5.- monthly fee

CHF 180.- / CHF 60.- yearly fee, including VAT

MAIL - E-Mail with your own DOMAIN

With the switchplus Premium-E-Mail services you can easily and quickly set up one or multiple email addresses using your own DOMAIN. Whether you want a prestigious private email address ( or a professional business email address ( – with the products HEX and MAIL, private as well as professional users will find the right offer.

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CHF 4.95 monthly fee

CHF 59.- yearly fee, including VAT

TOOL Basic - a free website for each DOMAIN

Design your personal website

With TOOL Basic you get the possibility to create an attractive web presence consisting of three pages for each DOMAIN that you have registered with us. With TOOL Basic you can also use the included web-shop free of charge and set-up up to three products! With the intuitive website builder no prior knowledge is required in web design or programming and you can compile your Internet presence with little effort. The wide selection of design templates gives you the possibility to customize the website appearance. The comprehensive online help provides you with all the necessary information you need to create your (first) page.

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CHF 0.-

smart@work - Professional office solution for SME

State-of-the-art working with smart@work

Have access to all of your emails, calendars, contacts and business data regardless of location and device (e.g. smartphone, tablet, PC) and sync and update them continuously. Work safely and as a team using all the OFFICE applications by Microsoft without having to deal with your own IT infrastructure. Your data is protected in the cloud, which you can access from anywhere. You will receive support in the installation, migration and use of the service.

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CHF 29.-

mothly fee, incl. VAT