Professional email hosting with Hosted Exchange

  • Independence (Location/Device)
  • Data in Switzerland
  • Well known Outlook environment
Hosted Exchange

The all-in-one business package

With the switchplus Hosted Exchange (HEX) you can have access to your e-mail account, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes regardless of your location or device (e.g. smartphones, tablets, pcs) and you can also automatically synchronise them. HEX offers your every functionality that Microsoft Outlook would, but without having to host your own exchange server.


A comprehensive email solution that meets all requirements regarding safety and function

Access from all devices and all browsers from anywhere

Share information and resources within a team

Only pay for what you really use

No need to maintain your own email infrastructure


The Hosted Exchange solution


  • A professional email solution for business customers with all the features of Microsoft Hosted Exchange.
  • A comprehensive email solution that meets all requirements regarding safety and function.

Why HEX?

  • All data is saved in Switzerland and can be accessed by the customer from anywhere.
  • A centralised calendar, resources and tasks with access possibilities for team members that can be configured individually.

Who is HEX for?

  • Businesses and organisations who need an email solution with all features
  • No worrying about an email infrastructure.

Price & conditions

  • CHF 180.- /year per mailbox
  • Kindly note that domain/s and purchased hosting products will only be activated and available once all invoices are settled.
  • Technical information
Add ons

Enhance HEX with…


HEX Light

HEX Light differs from HEX in the size of the mailbox and the missing function for synchronizing and sharing address books and calendars.



Microsoft Outlook Lizenz

So that you can install Microsoft Outlook directly and manage all your data on it.