LINK - Forwarding of your DOMAIN

Forwarding of your DOMAIN to a web space or email server of a third party provider

CHF 2.45 monthly fee

CHF 29 yearly fee, including VAT

Are you using the storage space or email server of a third provider and has your hosting provider given your a CNAME, MX-Record or A-Record to register your DOMAIN instead of a name server?

Then LINK is the right product for you. With LINK you can modify the name server settings.

  • Subscription period 12 months.
  • All service features included in the price.
  • Advance payment without deduction due within
  • 30 days from date of invoice.
  • Period of notice 35 days prior to the end of the respective subscription period.
  • Requirement: DOMAIN is registered with switchplus.
  • General Terms and Conditions of switchplus ltd. apply.

Basic Features


All DOMAIN endings configurable (annual fee for DOMAINs is not included).

Sub Domains

Unlimited number of sub domains: sub domains (also called third-level domains) are placed in front of a DOMAIN (e.g. Sub domains can be freely configured, that means,
you can create separate mailboxes for your sub domains and individually change their name server settings.

Name server entries

Individual configuration of the name server entries is available for each of your DOMAINs. Aside from A, CNAME, and MX entries, you can also configure NS, AAAA, SPF, SRV, and TXT entries. In addition, you can set separate name server entries for sub domains.

Use of the switchplus name server for forwarding

You can enter and use the switchplus name servers for each of your DOMAINs and subdomains. The switchplus name servers will forward requests according to your entries to a web space or an e-mail account with your third party provider.

Carbon-neutral Hosting

We make sure that only as much energy is fed emission-free into our power grid as we use with our services. This way, we are jointly contributing actively to climate protection.


Our IT infrastructure offers an average annual uptime of at least 99.9%, including 24/7 server monitoring, daily backup of your data and customer service (Monday – Friday, 9 – 12 h and 14 – 17 h), available by phone and e-mail.

File Manager

With File Manager, you can directly access your webspace from the user account in order to upload to your web directory, for example, a .htaccess file using a standard Internet browser.