SAFE - The safe harbour for your DOMAINs

Protect your DOMAIN from involuntary cancellations, modifications and transfers

CHF 2.85

monthly fee, including VAT

Have you got a DOMAIN, which represents a high level of personal or economic value for you? You want to ensure that this DOMAIN can be administered exclusively by authorized people and cannot be deleted, when an invoice has been lost accidentally? With SAFE, our DOMAIN protection, we offer the extra safety that is necessary.

SAFE protects your DOMAINs from unauthorised changes and unintended deletions, because for each DOMAIN protected by SAFE mutations are only possible in writing and by a specially authenticated contact. Each modification request is individually verified by specially trained employees and implemented only after careful consideration.

  • Subscription period according to the registration period of the DOMAIN.
  • All service features included in the price.
  • Advance payment without deduction due within 30 days from date of invoice.
  • Period of notice 35 days prior to the end of the respective subscription period.
  • Requirement: DOMAIN is registered with switchplus and assigned to the option SAFE.
  • General Terms and Conditions of switchplus ltd.

Basic Features

Deposit of authorised persons or approved correspondence

For each DOMAIN protected by the SAFE option, personal data or an equivalent document will be filed with switchplus, containing information about who will be able to make changes to the DOMAIN in future. Requests for changes will be checked with particular care by specially trained employees, and only implemented if they correspond to the relevant authorisation data.

Protection of name server entries

Changing the name server of a DOMAIN assigned to the SAFE option can only take place following the granting of a corresponding order by an authorised person or by authorised company correspondence.

Protection from unauthorised transfer

The transfer of a DOMAIN assigned to the SAFE option can only be granted by an authorised person or by authorised company correspondence and is then only undertaken following detailed examination by switchplus.

Protection from deletion

A DOMAIN assigned to the SAFE option will not be automatically deleted or removed, as long as the SAFE protection exists. This means that the DOMAIN will remain fully functional and available online, even if a subscription renewal payment is missed. This is especially important for critical and important DOMAINs which are used for name servers, web servers or mail servers, for example, or which are very important for your business.

Protection from abuse

Changes to DOMAINs with the SAFE option can only be implemented by switchplus employees following correspondence and personal checks, meaning that these DOMAINs are always protected, even in cases of hacking or a lost password.


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