The safe haven for your DOMAINs

  • No unauthorised deletions
  • Protection from name server changes
  • Only authorised transfers
Protect your Domain

The extra bit of safety

Have you got a DOMAIN, which represents a high level of personal or economic value for you? You want to ensure that this DOMAIN can be administered exclusively by authorized people and cannot be deleted, when an invoice has been lost accidentally? With SAFE, our DOMAIN protection, we offer the extra safety that is necessary.


SAFE protects your DOMAINs from involuntary changes

Change requests are checked with particular care

DOMAIN is not automatically deleted if payment is not made

Your DOMAIN is always protected if you lose your password.

Your DOMAIN is also protected in case of hacking


SAFE is safer


  • Protection of your DOMAIN from deletion, name server modification and transfer


  • Changes to your DOMAIN are only possible in writing and through specially authenticated contact persons
  • Each change request is verified individually
  • No automatic deletions for non-payment

Who is SAFE for?

  • For all who own a DOMAIN which represents a high personal or economic value.

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