SHOP Basic

Your sales adventure at no extra cost

  • Up to three products
  • PayPal Integration
  • Calculation of shipping costs in real time

With every TOOL Basic

Sell Online

The SHOP Basic for TOOL Basic

Sell online with an attractive SHOP Basic. Start your sales adventure now and without any additional costs. The SHOP Basic is automatically included in TOOL Basic. With SHOP Basic you can set up a powerful online shop in just a few minutes. Your customers can use the widespread payment method PayPal without additional processing costs. You can track orders and determine delivery zones yourself.


Small but powerful

National and international delivery services are integrated

Secure acceptance of payments via PayPal

No technical know-how necessary


Not so basic after all

SHOP Basic

  • Create a powerful online shop in just a few minutes

Why SHOP Basic?

  • Add three products
  • PayPal für safe payment
  • Determine delivery zones yourself
  • National and international delivery services integrated

Who is SHOP Basic for?

  • For all those who have a small but fine product portfolio we would like to link this to TOOL Basic.

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