Cloud-based data exchange and communication with highest level of data security through Swiss Cloud-Location.

  • Work remotely
  • 50 GB Hosted Data Exchange
  • Popular Microsoft applications
  • Installation by Swizzonic
  • Cloud-Location Switzerland

Sophisticated E-Mail and Groupware solution for you, your team and enterprise.

Cloud-based communication and data exchange with Microsofts powerful cloud services and applications.

Access your e-mails, calendar, contacts and company data from any location or device (e.g. smartphone, tablet, PC) including automatic synchronization of your data and Microsoft’s most popular office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access.

Enable a smooth-running work environment for your team and highest level of data security. No additional IT infrastructure and security needed thanks to Swiss cloud location.

Swizzonic provides you with reliable regarding installation, migration and maintenance.


Safest Data Transfer and Storage through Swiss Cloud

Hosted E-Mail Exchange with 50 GB

1 TB OneDrive Cloud Storage Space

Microsoft Office Business Solution

Installation with your Domain by Swizzonic


Integrated E-Mail and Groupware solution with Microsofts most popular tools and applications

About smart@work

  • A professional email and groupware solution tailored for business customers and anyone who prefers cloud-based data exchange and security.
  • Microsoft’s best-in-class apps and solutions like Microsoft Hosted Exchange (E-Mail), OneDrive (file and data storage), Sharepoint (document-management) and Teams (communication).
  • Plus most popular Microsoft Office Business applications e.g. Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access.
  • Safe, central data exchange and storage through a secured Cloud-Location in Switzerland.
  • Access from all devices including offline mode.

Why smart@work?

  • An all-encompassing email solution for highest standards and productivity in terms of safety and performance.
  • Cost-effective solution for businesses who don’t want to necessarily run their own server infrastructure – You pay what you use.
  • Share information and resources within a team or with external partners through defined access rights.
  • Access all data at any time through common devices or browsers.

Who is smart@work for?

  • For teams, businesses and organizations who wish to collaborate efficient through state-of-the-art communication tools and applications including remote work.
  • For private people and families who want to share and access their files and data safely.

Price & Condition

  • CHF 348.-/year per licence
  • Kindly note that domain/s and purchased hosting products will only be activated and available once all invoices are settled.
  • Technical details