TOOL Basic - A complimentary website for every DOMAIN

Stylish, fast and easy online. With the basic version of our latest Sitebuilder TOOL.

Our latest Sitebuilder-Technology comes with an intuitive editor and a wide range of usability features for a smooth website creation.

TOOL’s basic version is equipped with 2 content pages, an elegant selection of 40 design templates, multi-faceted palette of over 100 pre-configured content blocks AND the genius Quick-Start option of a professional Business-One-Pager.

(Release September 2019)

CHF 0.-

Introducing the newest technologies for a new generation of websites. The TOOL Editor is designed for everyone who appreciates good content and a contemporary design.

TOOL’s Basic plan offers an elegant portfolio of 40 design templates, covering a wide array of styles and functions. Additionally, each design template comes with an abundant selection of more than 100 pre-configured content-blocks, covering every need and aspect of your future website from header to footer. From personal homepage, hobby site, business portfolio, online shop and genius Business One-Pager – everything is possible – even with TOOL Basic.

Other new features and highlights: Intuitive User Interface, Inline Editing, Automatic Style Adaptation, Design and Layout Options within each Content Block and Various Color Schemes per Design Template.

First, choose a design template: The new Sitebuilder offers a gallery of contemporary design templates. Choose one template of your preference. AND Don’t worry, if you feel you picked a wrong template! The chosen design template does not limit you in terms of customization. Every design template comes with a huge variety of content-blocks with modifiable layout and design options.

Then, add content: Open the content-block library and start to equip your website from header to footer – from A to Z. Whether text, images, videos, galleries, shop system, contact or reservation forms or any other relevant content. Simply drag-and-drop your desired block from the library into your template.

Finally: Use the menu bar to edit relevant page information and if desired, to change the overall color scheme and you’re good to go online!

How to get started: 

  • Register your DOMAIN at or
  • Transfer your DOMAIN to switchplus
  • Log in with existing user account (Admin Panel switchplus)
  • Assign TOOL to your domain (Admin Panel switchplus)
  • Choose your preferred Design Template (TOOL Editor)
  • Add content-blocks and modify designs (TOOL Editor)
  • Go online

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TOOL Sitebuilder is new and exclusively available for switchplus customers in Switzerland. We are expecting additional features, more templates, design features and options of customization within the next weeks and month. Sing up our newsletter to keep up with upcoming features, news, tips and tricks for a nice website with our genius TOOL.

(Release September 2019)

  • Requirement: DOMAIN is registered with switchplus.
  • General Terms and Conditions of switchplus ltd. apply.

Basic Features


All DOMAIN endings configurable (annual fee for DOMAINs is not included).


25 MB disk space is available for your website on the Tool servers.

Data Transfer

25 MB data transfer volume included.


Next Level of Usability & Responsiveness

It’s an intutive Sitebuilder with a clean user interface supporting the latest usability technologies like Inline-Editing and Drag&Drop. Create and launch a responsive website in no time with TOOL’s intelligent editor, who automatically adds a professional and responsive design to your page. Not only will your website automatically appear responsive on all gadgets. It’s even possible to create and launch your page from any device.

Modern Design Template Gallery including Content-Block Library

Elegant portfolio of 40 contemporary design templates, covering a wide array of needs and purposes. Each template comes with an abundant selection of pre-configured content-blocks. Drag-and-Drop as many content-blocks as you want AND don’t worry about the overall look of your page during all those changes. TOOL’s intelligent style editor automatically maintains the holistic design principle of your template.