TOOL Premium - Introducing the smartest Sitebuilder-Technology.

A successful website today thrives by a smart structure, content and responsive design. TOOL Premium covers all those essentials and offers even more intelligent usability highlights and easy-to-use features.

Choose one design template then start framing your idea, business, portfolio or even shop project by using pre-configured content-blocks. All you need is TOOL and your DOMAIN to get started.

(Release September 2019)

CHF 8.25 monthly

Special Offer valid first year CHF 99.- billed annually, including VAT instead CHF 165.-

TOOL Premium’s intuitive Sitebuilder comes with an array of innovative features

  • Empowering you to create and publish a professional website without any prior technical, graphic and design knowledge.
  • A variety of ready-made content blocks, covering every need and aspect of a modern website from A to Z – from header to footer.
  • The next level of responsiveness. Not only will your website automatically appear responsive on all gadgets. It’s even possible to create and launch your page from any device.

Why TOOL Premium?

  • An intuitive and easy-to-use editor for everybody who wants to create a modern website without any hassle.
  • Bright selection of responsive design templates, ensuring your website’s look & feel works smooth on any device.
  • Preconfigured and well-assorted content-block library, supporting and inspiring you to compose the right frame and content for your website and audience.
  • A safe website thanks to SSL encryption including a visible label.

What’s so different from all other Sitebuilder?

  • Content is King! Enjoy total freedom of content. Just drag-and-drop your desired block content from the block library into your template. Edit, Duplicate, Delete with just one fingertip.
  • Style is Queen! The intelligent Style Editor automatically blends in every details like font, icon, colour scheme or any other customizaton with the tonality of your chosen design theme.
  • Benefit from updates and new function releases of the very latest Sitebuilder-Technology.

Who is it for?

  • For everyone who want’s to control it’s wireframe like Professional’s or agencies do.
  • For every idea, business, cause and mission.
  • Ain’t no coding, graphic and design skills required.

How much does it cost?

TOOL Basic: Free, including genius Quick-Start Business-One-Pager and two content pages.
TOOL Premium: Full-Version of our newest Sitebuilder. Purchase TOOL Premium today and pay only 99 CHF the first year, instead of 165 CHF (incl. VAT)
Optional: SHOP for 299 CHF a year (incl. VAT)

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  • Subscription duration period 12 months.
  • Advance payment without deduction is due within 30 days from date of invoice.
  • Period of notice 35 days prior to the end of the respective subscription period.
  • Requirement: DOMAIN has been registered through switchplus.
  • General Terms and Conditions of switchplus ltd. apply.

Basic Features


All DOMAIN endings configurable (Annual fee for DOMAINs not included).


5 GB disk space is available for your website on the Tool servers.

Data Transfer

Unlimited data transfer volume included.

Name server entries

Individual configuration of the name server entries is available for each of your DOMAINs. Aside from A, CNAME, and MX entries, you can also configure NS, AAAA, SPF, SRV, and TXT entries. In addition, you can set separate name server entries for sub domains

Sub Domains

Unlimited number of sub domains: sub domains (also called third-level domains) are placed in front of a DOMAIN (e.g. Sub domains can be freely configured, that means, you can host different contents for each sub domain and change name server settings.

Carbon-neutral Hosting

We make sure that just as much energy is fed emission-free into our power grid as we use with our services. This way, we are jointly contributing actively to climate protection.


Our IT infrastructure offers an average annual uptime of at least 99.9%, including 24/7 server monitoring, daily backup of your data and customer service. Our customer service center is available by phone and e-mail from Monday to Friday, between 9 – 12 am and  2 – 5  pm.



You can upload files in size of max 100 MB each, regarding e.g. photos, graphics and PDF.

User friendliness

TOOL is an intuitive Sitebuilder-Technology with a clean interface that supports new usability technologies like Inline Editing and Drag&Drop. Start your own webproject from any device today. Not only will your website automatically appear responsive on all gadgets. It’s even possible to create and launch your page from any device.

Design templates free of charge

Elegant portfolio of 40 contemporary design templates, covering a wide array of needs and purposes. Each template comes with an abundant selection of pre-configured content-blocks. Drag-and-Drop as many content-blocks as you want AND don’t worry about the overall look of your page during all those changes. TOOL’s intelligent style editor automatically maintains the holistic design principle of your template.

CSS-Style Editor for premium styles

You have access to the CSS codes and so you can make the appearance of your website even more individual.

Use own tracking code

Use your individual Google Analytics or other tracking code.

Google Webmaster Tools

Connect your site with Google Webmaster Tools and find out how Google perceives your site and who/what is linked to your page.