TRUSTEE - Trustee services and lease of DOMAINs trustee

Compliance with local restrictions of registries

CHF 0.-

Included in the DOMAIN price

Trustee services

Administrative contact is needed who meets the requirements for registration, usually place of residence/business requirements.

Lease of DOMAIN

When leasing DOMAINs, the contract partner of switchplus ltd. is the holder of the DOMAIN and is shown as such in the Whois database. (This trustee service includes without limitation what is stated in the according and latest version of the factsheet and RRA/GTCs and General Terms and Conditions (GTCs) of ngTLD PRIVACY Service on the switchplus website)

If you as the customer do not meet the requirements for registration of certain DOMAINs, switchplus ltd. will provide trustee services through a trustee or the lease of DOMAINs through a lessor. With the DOMAINs where switchplus ltd. offers such services according to the factsheet DOMAIN, you cannot use the switchplus ltd.’s offer in any other way, even if you meet the personal requirements for registration. switchplus ltd will directly deliver any kind of legitimate correspondence regarding the DOMAIN to the customer.