Special-Offer: Premium Sitebuilder and/or Web Shop 2 months for free. Code: “TOOL-Promo”. Code is valid until 31st of May 2020.

Published on 22nd April 2020

We empower your online presence in these uncertain times and gift you two months free access to TOOL Premium and SHOP solution.

Launch your success story now online with our two bestselling hosting products. Create a nice website with our intuitive and easy-to-use Sitebuilder and start selling up to 100 products with our modern e-Commerce solution.

2 MonthsFREE

TOOL Premium

Swizzonic’s award-winning Sitebuilder makes your website dreams come true. No technical or graphic skills required.

Newest user technology reduces your own effort down to what really counts – simply a nice website. TOOL Premium’s intuitive editor with easy-to-use functions helps you creating a professional web presence in no time.

2 MonthsFREE


Our advanced web shop platform with all relevant e-commerce and point-of-sale functions to start and grow a business online. 

Whether through your website, mobile marketplaces or social media. SHOP supports a variety of distribution channels, 37 languages and many other functions and settings for a state-of-the-art online selling and shopping experience.


Enjoy 2 months free usage of TOOL Premium and SHOP. Simply apply coupon code “TOOL-Promo” in your cart.

Code is valid until 31st of May 2020 and enables you to create and operate a website and if desired, a web shop for two months without any costs. You can cancel the promotion of either TOOL Premium and/or SHOP within two months. After two months the annual product subscription plan will apply. 

Annual PriceDOMAIN


Secure your desired internet address and choose from Switzerland’s biggest Domain Portfolio.

12 months165.-

TOOL Premium

Create and publish a beautiful website without any prior technical, graphic and design knowledge.

12 months130.-


The Premium Shopping Experience. SHOP is an Add-On and requires a TOOL Premium subscription.

All prices in CHF. This promotion and all related hosting products are only applicable to a domain registered at Swizzonic. Annual DOMAIN price depends on the chosen domain extension for e.g. bestseller like .ch costs 15.50 CHF per year.


This is how it works.

Choose your Domain

Your domain is already registered at Swizzonic:

If your domain is already registered at Swizzonic, then login to your user account and Purchase a Web & Mail Hosting in the user panel under the Home tab.

Order TOOL Premium and Continue. Agree with our GTC’s by checking the box and apply the campaign code TOOL-Promo before finalizing your checkout. The code applied in your basket grants you two months of free access to the Sitebuilder and/or web shop application. Then assign the Sitebuilder TOOL to your domain.

Or, you register a new domain:

Find you desired domain through our domain search bar and choose from Switzerland’s greatest domain portfolio with more than 500 domain endings.

Add your desired domain to your cart and continue by opening a new Swizzonic user account on our website. Fill in all required data.

Kindly note that Swizzonic maintains highest security standards for your data safety. Therefore the 2-step-verification process is mandatory.

Once you filled in all mandatory fields and finalized your registration, you will receive an email that confirms your Swizzonic User ID number.

Log into your new Swizzonic user account and buy & assign the Sitebuilder product TOOL Premium to your domain. If you wish to start a web shop, select the TOOL Premium add-on product SHOP to your cart.

Apply the voucher TOOL-Promo until 31st of May 2020 to obtain two months free usage of TOOL Premium and / or SHOP.

Activate TOOL

Log into your Swizzonic user account and assign the Sitebuilder to the domain you wish to launch online with a website and/or shop.

How it works: There are many options within the Swizzonic admin panel.

1) Under HOME tab click on the yellow Sitebuilder TOOL Icon to select your domain and “Assign/Edit Products”. Assign TOOL Premium to your domain.

2) Open tab “Manage DOMAIN” and select the domain you wish to “Assign/Edit Products”. Assign TOOL Premium to your domain.

More information regarding the Sitebuilder including tutorial videos.

Choose a design theme

Choose from an abundance of more than 40 design templates, including a new selection of themes for more flexibility and improved design features.

Visit our design theme gallery.

Choose a design template that reflects your project and style. Every design template comes with a bright selection of  preconfigured content-blocks. After you selected a theme, the editor’s user interface editor will open. Hooray – now you are ready to start your website project.

A well structured navigation bar and intuitive drag & drop handling allows you to easily add and edit content-blocks directly in your website template. Use the plus-symbol that automatically appears on the editor’s surface to open the content library and choose a block – simply drop the block into your layout.

Use the navigation bar to add some so-called meta data to your website (such as logo, social media profiles and contact information). 

Create your website

Design your website using preconfigured content blocks to structure your website’s content from header to footer. Duplicate an entire page if desired and edit the name of each page directly in the navigation bar.

How it works: Drag & Drop your desired content-block from the library into your template. Duplicate, move and erase content-blocks as much and often as you want within the template. Tap-to-tailor the design of the content-block or fine-tune single elements and stylistic properties within each block like e.g. text-hierarchy, buttons and media.

Add web shop

Hover to the navigation bar of the editor, open menu item Website and select Online Shop. A message box will pop-up on your screen. Confirm Leave Page to enter the SHOP editor.

A wizard guide assists you with the setup of your products and installation of your web shop conditions. Click on Back to Editor button located top-left of the navigation bar to return to the TOOL editor.  Drag & Drop content block Online Shop into your template.

Kindly note: Stylistic properties of your content-block web shop (e.g. buttons, product displays etc) can be adjusted through the SHOP editor menu.

Nice to see you online

Launch your website and shop by clicking the final Publish button, located top-right of the editor’s navigation bar.

TOOL supports a responsive creation and display of your website on all current web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and many more. Kindly note: Internet Explorer is not a current web browser.



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